C5215 单15寸450W 2分频

C SERIES  C3110/C5212/C5215


Product Type:  The LA Series consists of the C3110,C5212,C5215.

The C5212 and C5212 are Wide-range compact loudspeakers system,

Two-way/two-speaker, high power, short throw with built-in passive filter.

Enclosure Material and Finish: Rectangular enclosure in 18mm plywood with internal bracing ,  and steel or integral handles . Black ultra thane paint.

Standard Accessories: The C5212 and C5215 are equipped with highly resistant vibration-free  protective perforated steel grill covered in  black  foam; 3 handles, Speakon NL 4FC connector.

Connectors: 2×NL4 speakon in parallel

 LF and HF Pin 1+, 2+pos; Pos; Pin 1-, 2- eng (C3110/C5212/C5215)


Live sound reinforcement

Touring and installed applications

Special effects sub-bass


Power-Watts                                 450W(RMS)/1125W(PGM)

Sensitivity(dBSPL 1W/1M)         99dB(1W/1M)

Impedance(ohms)                8Ω

Frequency Response                 35Hz~20kHz

Average Dispersion                    100°×50°

Loudspeaker and loading         LF :1×15”  High pass vented box 

                                                         HF: 1×1.5”  Eixt horn  loaded 

Weigh(Kg)                                     36Kg

Dimensions (W×D×H)              426×450×670mm

Packing (W×D×H)                       505×530×750mm

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